Pot, Meet Kettle

This was on the Globe and Mail’s site, but the article beside Doyle’s piece was about making your own hair extensions. I had to update my screenshot utility and they changed it on me while I was away. Can’t think why…








Also caught a minor bit of a clip of Justin going all Marc Antony on Stephen Harper. perhaps thinking ahead of the words he wants spoken over the coffin of his tenure as PM.

Along those lines, a friend of my wife’s brought me a copy of Alain de Botton’s book onĀ NEWS, knowing that I’ve frittered a good part of my life chasing after a vision of what is really happening and why and what the hell can I do about it. It says all this stuff in here about the fluff nature of news and the scare factor that’s built into the broadcast and how it may not be a good idea to impute the capacity to fix most anything to any, I say ANY, politician or patriarch or whatever.