A Cure For Outsourcing




Norm Farrell and others have outlined the latest prank on the part of the Canadian banking establishmen




Alison over at Creekside had this to say:



So here’s my two cents’ worth. If you want to do business in Canada, you have to pay Canadian living salaries and benefits to Canadian residents and pay reasonable taxes on earnings. If you want to pay Indian wages and eschew benefits and taxes, you can go live there, or in Lichtenstein, or Andorra, or in the Turks and Caicos, or wherever they’ll have you, but then you would be precluded from doing business in Canada.


Oh, wait a minute, I have to tear Chapter 11 out of the book I’m reading.

Too Bad, Maggie, We Really Did Know Ye

Margaret Thatcher-1521973


Word out of Newsworld Land this morning was that Thatcher had died, not surprising that, given her age and what have you. Newsworld conveniently forgot that there might be other things going on as they lathered up with coverage that made the Ralph Klein circus look like a quick beer at the Arlington. They also glossed over the damage she did to society by calling her legacy “divided”, thereby taking euphemism into new territory. What no one was saying is that she forced Britain into a brutal transition from (possibly misguided) notions of social support into the clear primacy of capital. And there is crowing all over the press about how she rebuilt society for the better. David Cameron called her one of the greatest peacetime prime ministers: one can only hope his knowledge of history is not quite that lamentable.

On Ralph’s Passing



From the moment life left the body of former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, there arose such a clatter that, hummmm, no one seemed to know what was the matter. Here was a politician who ensured that everyone possible in Alberta bought the cowboy myth, adopted “Don’t Tread On Me” as a personal motto and “I’m all right, Jack” as a personal ethos, all the while shovelling boatloads of cash to oil interests both in and out of Alberta (and Canada). “He” paid off Alberta’s debt: that is to say, he was hailed as having engineered that feat of financial prestidigitation, but did it with Alberta tax dollars and very much at the expense of social programs. He also did it with cash out of the pockets of every Canadian driver, so, while we ought to give King Ralph credit for having the cojones to pull the con game on a grand scale, there is perhaps a little room in the outpouring of sentiment for some skepticism in regard to the monetary genius or the societal innovator as which he’s been hailed over the last few days. My reading (I get to do that here) is that he was not a particularly nice man, either, given to blustery pronouncements on those less fortunate or who would dare dissent and descending into outright loutishness at times. I get the feeling when I hear that a figure of this nature has moved on that I will have to avoid all media for a week or so until the balm of saccharin has run its course in the hope that another event of like nature and stature will not follow up too closely.